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final assingment

Parramatta Eels

The Parramatta Eels are a Rugby League Football team that was founded in 1947.  They played their first game on April 12 of that very same year at Cumberland Oval, which is now Parramatta Stadium.

It took the Eels 15 years to even make it to the finals and then another 13 years to make it to a grand final.  They made their first grade grand final debut against Manly in 1976, unfortunately losing 13-10 then being beaten by St George the following year in the first ever Grand Final replay.

It took a few more years before Parramatta showed any sign of being competitive in the competition.  In 1981, with the recruitment of a few key players, Jack Gibson was hired as coach.  This started the glory days for the Parramatta Eels, winning grand finals in 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1986.  Jack Gibson was coach for their first three Grand Final wins and John Monie coached them in their 1984 Grand Final loss to the Bulldogs and then their win, against the Bulldogs, in 1986.

In the years since the 1986 Grand Final win they have been close but never reaching that pinnacle of Rugby League the all elusive title of Grand Final Premiers.  In recent years there have been many changes, many coaches and many players but nothing has seemed to work. 

2011 saw the appointment of Stephen Kearney as the coach of the Eels but the hard times continued, the Eels finishing 14th out of 16 teams.  The 2012 season was heralded as the Parramatta Eels year, they had signed well in the off season, and instead of inheriting a team from his predecessor Coach Kearney had picked the players himself.  So he had the team that he wanted, did it help? No at this moment in time the Eels sit at the bottom of the table with only two wins out of 14 games played.

Now the Coach, who was heralded as the Eels savior, is forced to confirm or deny rumors.  There has been speculation and rumors running wild, that the team needs to perform or Stephen Kearney, and several players, are out. When asked about this he has stated

“For me, the speculation and innuendo over the last probably 10 weeks – the amount of it – if I worried myself about it at all then I wouldn’t be doing my job,” he told Triple M

This has also filtered down to the players who have found themselves defending their coach and showing a united front.  Past and present players have come out in support of the coach.  Jarryd Hayne, the Eels fullback and star player was quoted as saying

When you start losing games and the amount of pressure that we’ve had on us, there’s going to be rumours starting.

“There’s been all sorts of rumours about me and about other players and whatnot.

What happens for the rest of the season remains to be seen but one thing is clear if the Parramatta Eels do not start winning games they will finish the season last and that would be a shame to farewell their retiring Captain Nathan Hindmarsh, a veteran of 300+ first grade games, with the wooden spoon.


Prapaganda assingment

My target market is people of all ages, either gender, from when they are teens to adults and from all around the world.  Swearing is not exclusive to anyone group.  I think that it is important to know that swearing is bad and not cool and not to follow what celebrities do and say. My propaganda is trying to convince you that swearing is bad and uncool.  I think that we all need to take a step back and think before we talk and if you follow what the celeberities do then you will look like a big tool and uncool to people.  I have used bold text to catch your eye and so you read this poster.  I have also used celebrities that you might know that have been in the media for all the wrong reasons as you can see from the photo.  I have used Snooki, from Jersey Shore, to try to get the females to look at my poster and I have used Charlie Sheen, he was in two and a half men, to get the males to look at this poster. I think that it is important to teach the young people in this world that swearing is wrong and inappropriate and just uncool.


The way I formed my opinion was a little bit different because at first I thought  that the internet was not killing the newspaper but then I did some looking and searching and talked to other people and asked what they thought about the internet killing the newspaper.  I listened to their opinions and their reasons for those opinions and slowly started to change mine. At first I didn’t think that the internet was killing the newspaper because I do read the news online and never gave it a second thought, but when I started reading and talking to people showed me a side that I didn’t even think of.  Now I think that the internet is killing the newspaper because everyone is getting their news off the internet and its free.

My target audience anyone who reads the news whether or not they get it for free or pay for it. I think that all people no matter what age you are should think before you get your news off the internet.  I don’t think that it will change because of technology making everything so easy, I guess it is just the way of the future.

the logical fallacies I used are:


Red herring

Appeal to emotion

Slippery slope


 My opinion on this topic is that the internet is killing the newspaper.  People are getting lazy and do not want to go and buy a newspaper so they just go on to the internet and look up the news.  I do understand that by doing this they may save a few dollars and these days that is very important but I think that people should realise that they are  only getting a little bit of the news.   What i mean is that when you read the news on the internet you don’t get to see everything that you would if you read a newspaper.  When you read a newspaper you look at articles, read some, and then turn the page until before you know it your at the end of the paper.  Whereas when you read your news on the internet the “front page” is probably as far as you go, click a few links and forget what you were actually doing and end up loging onto facebook.

I also think that the newspaper is trying to hold on to the past they should put more interesting stuff in their paper so people want to go out and spend their money on the newspaper and read it instead of just going on the internet and getting it for free.   I also think it is good to have the paper in your hands so you can flip the pages yourself and feel it but with an online paper you are just staring at the screen and not really interacting with the newspaper.

Well it might sound good to get your news for free but I guarantee you that if you keep getting it for free the newspapers that you have to buy will disappear and you will miss them. If the newspaper disappears many jobs will be lost the most affected by this will be the printers I think that also the writers will be affected by it because they will not have a job. It is unfair to the people that are working for the newspaper to lose their jobs because of the internet the internet is leterally killing the newspapers before our eyes, the newspaper is going to disappear quicker than we know it if we keep using the internet news for free. It is sad to see the good old newspaper slowly disappearing in front of our eyes.  Just think of this for a minute the printed newspaper has been around since the early 1800’s, wouldn’t it be a shame to lose it.

Saving Scarlett

On October the 2nd Scarlett went to the letter box to get the mail.  On the front page of the newspaper there was a story about an old man who broke in to people’s homes. His name was Joe Fitzgerald and the story said that he had been seen entering people’s houses but nobody ever saw him come out.  The story went on to say that nobody, not the police or the victims, knew what was going on.  Scarlett ran inside to her mum, Beth and said “Mummy, Mummy there is an old man in the newspaper, he is going in to people’s houses and not coming out” Beth said “Don’t worry baby he won’t come here, this street is safe.”

The next day, October the 3rd, Scarlett was in her room getting ready for bed when she thought she saw someone at her window.  She looked out but there was no one there. She turned off her light and tried to go to sleep. It seemed to take forever but she finally fell asleep. Mean while, the man, Joe was trying to get in to her room, through the window, he managed to get in there. Joe sat on the end of Scarlett’s bed. Suddenly Scarlett woke up and saw Joe and she screamed “Mmmmuuuummmm! The man! The newspaper! is here” Scarlett’s screams could be heard throughout the whole house. Her mum had been sleeping, and was suddenly woken by the blood curdling screams.  Beth sprang out of bed and ran up the hallway and into Scarlett’s room.  She switched on the light, not knowing what to expect, but there was no one there, except for Scarlett still screaming.

Beth was trying her best to calm Scarlett down “There’s no one here baby you are just dreaming about that article you read yesterday, everything is alright.” Scarlett looked at Beth with a very puzzled face and said “I thought he was here, I’m sure he was here” After quite some time Beth managed to calm Scarlett down enough so she could go back to sleep.  Then Joe come out of nowhere, sat back on her bed in the same place he was before.  Watching her. He was just sitting there and smiling at her with a big grin, he licked his lips. You could see the evil in his eyes.

The next day on October the 4th, Scarlett woke up and she felt funny she didn’t know what had happened to her, all she remembered was Joe on the end of her bed.  She went out to the kitchen to see her mum, she walked over and sat with her mum she started talking about Joe Fitzgerald and how she saw him on the end of her bed.  Beth said that she is going to find out more about this man Joe and what is going on. Beth said “Everything is going to be fine”. She told Scarlett that she would do everything she could to make her feel safe, she didn’t care how long it took.

Beth went to the library and looked up Joe’s name and found some horrifying details about Joe.  She read that Joe was a serial killer and died in jail, but now Joe seems to be haunting the places that he killed his victims. Beth kept digging and she found other places that Joe is haunting, Beth was in the library all day looking for other articles on Joe Fitzgerald. When she checked the newspaper reports on where Joe’s victims died and the places that Joe had been seen entering but not leaving they turned out to be the same places.

That was not all there also seemed to be some places that he haunted that people died later in suspicious circumstances.  Beth got back to her house and she went into Scarlett’s room and sat on her bed. They talked all night about what Joe did and how he killed his victims.

The next morning on October 5th, Beth and Scarlett tracked down some of the people that had the same problem with Joe Fitzgerald.  They asked what had happened to them and if they knew Joe Fitzgerald.  Some people’s stories were worse than others.  A woman they spoke to went into some very horrifying details of her encounter with Joe Fitzgerald.  As she felt more comfortable speaking with Beth and Scarlett she went into more detail about what had happened, when she was very young she saw Joe go into the house across the road, from where she lived.  She remembers hearing the screams coming out of the neighbour’s house and then nothing.  The next day her mother told her that the lady that lived in the house had been murdered.  That she had been stabbed and that her throat had been cut.  This woman had been speaking about Beth and Scarlett’s home.

That was all that Beth needed to hear, she knew that she had to get Scarlett out of there.  She couldn’t let Joe Fitzgerald visit her again.  From her research Beth knew that Joe was haunting their house because he had killed a woman who used to live there.  Beth told Scarlett that Joe Fitzgerald wasn’t after her, he was after whoever was in that particular room, the room where he had killed a woman. 

Beth began to work out a plan, she knew that they didn’t have much time to save Scarlett and herself.  Beth decided that they had to move, so the next day the removalists came and packed up their house.  Scarlett was stunned at how quickly her mother had organised everything, but she had to admit it did make her happy, they were leaving.  Once the truck was packed Beth asked Scarlett to get into the car, then Beth got in and parked the car on the road and got out.  “I’ll be back in a minute Scarlett I just forgot something, be back in a minute” “Ok Mum, hurry”.  Beth ran back into the house and grabbed a container which she had left behind the front door.  She ran upstairs to Scarlett’s room and began pouring petrol everywhere.   “Joe Fitzgerald, listen up” Beth yelled “This is the last time you terrorise anyone in this house, I hope you burn in hell.”  And with that Beth threw a match into the bedroom and ran out of the house and down to the car.  Scarlett asked questions but Beth just kept on driving until they reached the safety of their new home.

my opinion on 5 scary movies


When A Stranger Calls

I put this at number 5 because I didnt think it was scary at all. It was just to repetitive and boring i didnt even finish watching this movie. I just turned it off becasue I got bored.






Paranormal Activity

I put this at number 4 because I didnt think it was scary and all my friends told me it was scary so I went to see it. I thought it was a waste of money I could have spent that money on another good movie. All the Paranormal Activity’s were the same story line and i just didnt like them at all.






The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

I put this at number 3 because it was a bit scary but not too scary. It was more disgusting that scary, I think that there are more scary movies than this one.






The Devil Inside

I put this at number 2 because it is pretty scary.  I saw it in the movie theatre so it was on the big screen.  It was just awsome, I just love this movie.






The Orphan

I put this at number 1 because it was so scary. There were a lot of twists and turns and when the movie finished i wanted to watch it again and again. I think that if you havn’t seen it you have to watch it you wont regret it, its the best movie ever.





this is my opinion these are the movies that i think are scary and not so scary.


It is here:


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